Sexism! YEAH!

January 23, 2008

The base attributes have been implemented and we’ve converted the existing races to use the new attributes. One of the more amusing aspects of them is that Legendary Quest does use different stat maximums for the different sexes. The maximums only affect the development cost of the attribute — both sexes may raise an attribute above the racial maximum for double the usual amount of points. But, females will reach that ceiling a little earlier in Strength, as their maximum is one less than the males of the species. Males, however, will reach their Agility maximum one point earlier than the females.

Gotta love weak and agile elf chicks, amirite?


Dead Souls and Subversion

December 20, 2007

One of the key features that I enjoy about developing an LPC mud is the ease with which one may modify code on the fly at runtime. The vast majority of the game’s functionality can be developed and tested very rapidly without any interruption in the game environment or rebooting the mud. This rapid development is compounded by the ability to grant code access to any user, which has the potential to result in a very chaotic environment of concurrent development.

In order to help ensure code quality and manage the development of the mud in such rapid-pace environment, I’ve employed the use of subversion, an open-source revision control system. I’ve had a few issues pop up while getting subversion and Dead Souls to play nicely, but most of them have been smoothed out by now.

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Mechanics!? What!?

December 14, 2007

One of the first major game systems that have been discussed by the current development staff (read: me and my co-owner) is what basic game mechanics the game will implement. First we had to decide if we wanted to completely engineer the mechanics from scratch, or if we wanted to adapt an already existing game system for our needs. Since we’re such a small team and this is a hobby project in our spare time, we decided to save ourselves some headaches and start with an existing RPG’s game mechanics and slowly refine them to better suit our theme and make the adjustments necessary to make a pen-and-paper roleplaying game work in a roll-playing MUD.